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About Student Government

Student Government at the University of Florida is committed to tirelessly advocating on behalf of the student body, enhancing the entire student experience and promoting the image of the university and its students by upholding ourselves to the highest standards, leading with integrity and selflessly serving the university and beyond.

Mission & History

The University of Florida Student Government was established in 1909 and has continued to strive for excellence on the behalf of Gators for more than a century. Hundreds of remarkable men and women have contributed to this body throughout its rich history including state legislators, cabinet members, governors, supreme court justices, congresspeople, noted authors, professional athletes, scientists, CEOs, inventors and so many more.

SG exists to represent students and act in their best interests on academic, extracurricular and social issues. The organization advocates for students at the local, state and federal levels throughout the entire year. Through the three branches of government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial, SG is steadfast in its goal to sustain a stable, well-rounded and affordable learning environment for students to grow as individuals and representations of the Gator Nation. 

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  • University of Florida Student Government
    • Senate (Legislative Branch)
      • Senate President and Senate President Pro-Tempore
        Libby Shaw and Emily Dunson
        • Student Senators
          • +
            Fall Senators (50)
            • Beaty
          • +
            Spring Senators (50)
            • Accounting
        • +
          Standing Committees
          • Replacement & Agenda
    • Executive Branch
      • President
        Michael Murphy
        • +
          • ACCENT Speakers Bureau
        • +
          Executive Secretary
          • Academic Affairs
      • Vice President
        Sarah Abraham
        • +
          Diversity Division
          • Disability Affairs
        • +
          Leadership & Service Division
          • Career Development
        • +
          Student Life Division
          • Finance & Affordability
      • Treasurer
        Santiago Gutierrez
        • Assistant Treasurers
    • Judicial Branch
      • Supreme Court
        • Chief Justice
          • Associate Justices (6)
      • Elections
        • Elections Commission
        • Supervisor of Elections