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Student Government is required to keep detailed public records of the events, meetings and rulings within all three branches. In the Legislative branch, the Student Senate is publishes every meeting's agenda, minutes and passed legislation. In the Judicial branch, the court posts records of every case it has heard and the rulings. 

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Spring 2016 01-05-16

Spring 2016 01-12-16

Spring 2016 01-19-16

Spring 2016 01-26-16

Spring 2016 02-02-16

Spring 2016 02-09-16

Spring 2016 02-23-16 (Meeting 1)

Spring 2016 02-23-16 (Meeting 2)

Spring 2016 03-08-16

Spring 2016 03-15-16

Spring 2016 03-29-16

Spring 2016 04-05-16

Spring 2016 04-19-16

Summer A 05-10-16

Summer A 05-17-16

Summer A 05-24-16

Summer A 05-31-16

Summer A 06-07-16

Summer A 06-14-16

Summer B 06-28-16

Summer B 07-05-16

Summer B 07-12-16

Summer B 07-19-16

Summer B 07-26-16

Summer B 08-02-16

Fall 2016 08-23-16

Fall 2016 08-30-16

Fall 2016 09-06-16

Fall 2016 09-13-16

Fall 2016 09-20-16

Fall 2016 10-04-16 Meeting 1

Fall 2016 10-04-16 Meeting 2

Fall 2016 10-11-16

Fall 2016 10-18-16

Fall 2016 10-25-16

Fall 2016 11-01-16

Fall 2016 11-08-16

Fall 2016 11-22-16

Fall 2016 11-29-16

Fall 2016 12-6-16

Spring 2017 1-10-17

Spring 2017 1-17-17

Spring 2017 1-24-17

Spring 2017 1-31-17

Spring 2017 2-14-17

Spring 2017 2-28-2017 Meeting 1

Spring 2017 2-28-2017 Meeting 2

Spring 2017 3-14-2017

Spring 2017 3-28-2017

Spring 2017 04-04-2017

Spring 2017 04-11-2017

Spring 2017 04-18-2017

Summer A 2017 05-09-2017

Summer A  2017 05-16-2017

Summer A 2017 05-30-2017

Summer A 2017 06-06-2017

Summer A 2017 06-13-2017 Summer B 2017 07-25-2017

Summer B 2017 08-01-2017

Fall 2017 08-22-2017

Fall 2017 08-29-2017

Fall 2017 09-05-2017

Fall 2017 09-19-2017

Fall 2017 10-03-2017 Meeting 1

Fall 2017 10-03-2017 Meeting 2

Fall 2017 10-10-2017

Fall 2017 10-17-2017

Fall 2017 10-24-2017

Fall 2017 10-31-2017

Fall 2017 11-14-2017

Fall 2017 11-28-2017

Fall 2017 12-5-2017

Spring 2018 01-9-2018

Spring 2018 01-16-2018


2018-1004 Funding for Knitting Gators

2018-1003 Funding for Nepalese Student Association

2018-1002 Resolution Thanking Provost Joseph Glover for Restoring Library West and Newell Hall as 247

2018-1001 Resolution Sharing the Importance of Political Awareness in relevance to the Net Neutrality Act

2018-1000 Resolution Recognizing VENSA’s and the Hispanic Student Association’s continued efforts to spread awareness and fundraise through the #GATORSFORVZLA Campaign

2017-1087 Voter Accessibility Act- 700 Code Revisions

2017-1086A Voter Information Act - 700 Code Revisions Floor Amendments

2017-1086 Voter Information Act - 700 Code Revisions

 2017-1085 Resolution to Authorize Student Government Spring 2018 Election Dates

2017-1084 Funding for Belly Gators

2017-1083 Resolution Recognizing the Need for Additional Funding for the Counseling and Wellness Center

2017-1082 Funding for Generational Relief in Prosthetics

2017-1081: Funding for Gator Billiards

2017-1080: Funding for Project Rousseau

2017-1079: Funding for Delight

2017-1078: Resolution Commemorating the University of Florida’s Contribution to the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics

2017-1077: Resolution Encouraging Concerned Students and Employees to Seek Excused Absences in Response to Richard Spencer's Speaking Engagement

2017-1076: Resolution Supporting the People of Puerto Rico Including Students Affected by Hurricane Maria

2017-1075: Resolution Recognizing Women Empowerment Globally and the International Day of the Girl Child

2017-1074 Resolution Supporting The Observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month within the University of Florida Community

2017-1073 Resolution Recognizing the 25th Anniversary of “The Swamp.”

2017-1072 Funding for Vegan Eating For Gators

2017-1071 Funding for UF Heroes

2017-1070 Funding for Student Information Security Club

2017-1069 Funding for Skin Cancer Prevention Force

2017-1068 Resolution Supporting President Fuch’s reaffirmation of the University of Florida’s Commitment to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program

2017-1067 Resolution Supporting the Gator Nation and the Worldwide Community Affected by the Recent Natural Catastrophes

2017-1066 Funding for Gator Anime

2017-1065 Funding for LADIES

2017-1064 Funding for Student Information Security Team

2017-1063 Funding for Young Life

2017-1062 Knitting Gators Bill Allocations

2017-1061 Resolution Recognizing the Big Five Student Welcome Assemblies

2017-1060 Spring 2019 Reapportionment

2017-1059 Fall 2018 Reapportionment

2017-1058 Resolution Encouraging the Gator Nation to Stand in Solidarity with the University of Virginia and its Surrounding Community While Supporting Campus Unity and Inclusivity at the University of Florida

2017-1057 Resolution Recognizing the Hard-Work and Accomplishments of the Disability Resource Center

2017-1056 Resolution Supporting UF President Fuchs’s Decision to Deny the National Policy Institute’s Request for a Venue for Richard Spencer

2017-1055 Funding for UF Grandkids

2017-1054 Funding for Younglife College

2017-1053 Funding for Layalena Dabke Team

2017-1052 Resolution Supporting the Gators CAN Campaign Benefiting the Field and Fork Pantry

2017-1051 Resolution Recognizing University Plan to Hire 500 New Faculty
2017-1050 Resolution Thanking Coach Jim McElwain and the Athletic Department for Their Efforts to Increase Awareness for Scooter Safety on Campus
2017-1049 Resolution Recognizing the Services Provided by Gator Clubs to Graduates of the Gator Nation

2017-1048 Resolution Supporting the Institute of Black Culture and the Institute of Hispanic-Latino Cultures as Two Separate Entities
2017-1047 Senate Rules and Procedures Revisions 
2017-1046 Resolution Supporting the Venezuelan Student Association in Fundraising to Support Those Individuals Who Peacefully Protest for a Free Venezuela
2017-1045 800 Code Revisions
2017-1044 Resolution Supporting the Gator Baseball Team Winning the 2017 College World Series: NCAA Division I Baseball Championship
2017-1043 Funding for Florida Players
2017-1042 Funding for Students for New Urbanism
2017-1041 Funding for Gator Guard Drill Team
2017-1040 Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Activity and Service Fee Budget
2017-1038 Resolution Supporting the Gator Men’s Track and Field Team Winning the 2017 NCAA Division I Men’s Outdoor Track and Field Championship.
2017-1037 Resolution Celebrating Pride Month 2017 and LGBTQ+ Students
2017-1036 Resolution Honoring Rafael “Rafa” Marin for his service to the University of Florida Student Senate
2017- 1035 Resolution Recognizing the Uber Safe Rides Program
2017-1034 Funding for Young Life
2017-1033 Resolution Supporting the Gator Women’s Tennis Team  Winning the 2017 NCAA Division I Women’s Tennis Championship
2017-1032 Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Activity and Service Fee Budget
2017-1031 Allocations of Reserves to the Construction of Reitz Union Railings 
2017-1030 Funding for Iranian Student Association
2017-1029 Resolution Honoring Fallen Gators
2017-1028 Resolution Recognizing the Grand Opening of Newell Hall
2017-1027 200 Code Revisions
2017-1026 100 Code Revisions
2017-1025 Funding for LEAD by Innovation Academy
2017-1024 Funding for Generational Relief in Prosthetics (GRiP)
2017-1023 2017-2018 Student Government Funded Organizational Budget
2017-1022 Student Government Funded Academic Org Budget
2017-1021 Allocation of Reserves to SG ADA
2017-1020 Funding for Layalena Dabke Team
2017-1019 Latino-Hispanic Organization for Graduate Students (LOGRAS)
2017-1018 Funding for Delight Minitstries
2017-1017 Funding for Nepalese Student Association
2017-1016 Funding for UF Student Information Security Team (UFIST)
2017-1015 Funding for Asian Graduate Student Organization
2017-1014 Funding for Gators Humans vs. Zombies
2017-1013 Resolution Supporting First Amendment Protections
2017-1012 Resolution Honoring the Life of Caroline Alfano and Nicole Scherten
Resolution Condemning Acts of Racism and Anti-Semitism on Campus
2017-1010 Resolution Supporting the Renovations to Plaza of the Americas
2017-1009 Funding for Vegan Eating for Gators
2017-1008 Funding for Indian Student Association: Gator Bhangra
2017-1007 Funding for Gator Billiards
2017-1006 Funding for Gator Scuba Club
2017-1005 Block Seating Referendum Question
2017-1004 Nighttime Safety Fee Referendum Question
2017-1003 Line Item Transfer for Student Government for Spring 2017 Election
2017-1002 Amendment to Student Body Constitution Article III Section 4
2017-1001 Funding for Skin Cancer Prevention Force
2017-1000 Funding for Alpha Omega

2016-1083 Resolution Honoring Fallen Gators

2016-1082 Funding for First Generation Organization

2016-1081 Funding for Japanese Student Association

2016-1080 Resolution to Authorize Student Government Spring 2017 Election Dates

2016-1079 Funding for Jamaican Student Association (JAMSA)

2016-1078 Funding for UF Information Security Team (UFIST)

2016-1077 Resolution Honoring University Association Athletic Director Jeremy Foley for His Service to the University of Florida
2016-1076 Resolution Honoring the Life of Abigail Dougherty
2016-1075 Funding for Jamaican Student Association (JAMSA) - Striken
2016-1074 Resolution Supporting the African American Studies Program’s Request for Departmental Status
2016-1073 Resolution Supporting Gator Adaa
2016-1072 Funding for Gator Anime
2016-1071 Funding for HEROES
2016-1070 Funding for Knitting Gators
2016-1069 800 Code Revisions
2016-1068 Funding for Pazeni Sauti Africa Choir
2016-1067 Funding for Grand Kids
2016-1066 Funding for Gator Guard Drill Team
2016-1065 Funding for Nepalese Student Assocation
2016-1064 Funding for HEROES - Striken
2016-1063 Spring Reapportionment
2016-1062 Fall Reapportionment
2016-1061 Amendment to the Student Body Constitution Article VIII Section 2 Part 3
2016-1060 Rules and Procedures Revisions 
2016-1059 Funding for IA Lead
 2016-1058 Funding for Nepalese Student Associatio
 2016-1057 Amendment to Student Body Constitution: Student Honor Court
 2016-1056 Amendment to the Student Body Constitution Article VIII Section 2 Part 2
 2016-1055 Amendment to the Student Body Constitution Article VIII Section 2 Part 1
 2016-1054 Amendment to Student Body Constitution Article VI
 2016-1053 Amendment to Student Body Constitution Article IV Section 5 
 2016-1052 Amendment to the Student Body Constitution Article III Section 6 
 2016-1051 Amendment to Student Body Constitution Article III Section 
 2016-1050 Amendment to the Student Body Constitution Article III Section 2
 2016-1049 Amendment to the Student Body Constitution Article I
 2016-1048 500 Code Revisions

2016-1047 300 Code Revisions

2016-1046 200 Code Revisions
2016-1045 Resolution Commemorating the Lives Taken by the Senseless Shootings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and the Five Dallas Police Officers
2016-1044 Funding for Belly Gators
2016-1043 Funding for Asian American Student Union: Filipino Student Association
2016-1042 Funding for Japanese Student Association
2016-1041 Funding for Interfaith Ambassadors
2016-1040 700 Code Revision
2016-1039 17-18 Activity and Service Fee Budget
2016-1038 Funding for First Generation Organization
2016-1037 Funding for Hispanic Student Association: LOGRAS
2016-1036 Funding for Young Life
2016-1035 Funding for Alpha Omega
2016-1034 Funding for Gator Chess Club
2016-1033 Funding for LOGRAS - STRIKED
2016-1032 Funding for Gators Humans vs. Zombies
2016-1031 Resolution Supporting the Continued Effort of the Innovation Academy and Innovation Cabinet to Establish Gainesville as the Main Innovation Hub of Florida
2016-1030 Resolution Commemorating Those Affected by the 2016 Pulse Shooting
2016-1029 Resolution Honoring University of Florida Alumnus Gordon Glover
2016-1028 Resolution Supporting Alachua County Veterans Services and the Gainesville Community’s Initiative to Repair the Alachua County Veterans Memorial at Kanapaha Park 
2016-1027 Resolution Recognizing the Continued Success of the University of Florida Gator Motorsports Team 
2016-1026 16-17 Fiscal Year AS Fee Budget 
2016-1025 Funding for Young Life 
2016-1024 Funding for Grand Kids 
2016-1023 Transportation and Infrastructure Improvements 
2016-1022 Resolution Honoring Vice President of Student Affairs Major General (Ret.) David E. Kratzer for His Service to the University of Florida 
2016-1021 Funding for Chi Alpha Christian Ministry 
2016-1020 2016-2017 Student Government Funded Academics Budget 
2016-1019 2016-2017 Student Government Funded Organizational Budget 
2016-1018 Resolution Honoring Fallen Gators 
2016-1017 Resolution Encouraging University Adminstration to Maintain Non-Discrimination Regulations on Religious Observances 
2016-1016 Resolution Supporting a Mobile Device Charger Rental Program in the J. Wayne Reitz Union 
2016-1015 Funding for Gators Humans vs. Zombies 
2016-1014 Line Item Transfer for Volunteers for International Student Affairs 
2016-1013 Resolution Thanking the University of Florida Fredric G. Levin College of Law 
2016-1012 Resolution Supporting the Gatorloop Team in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition 
2016-1011 Resolution Supporting the Grand Opening of the J Wayne Reitz Union Expansion 
2016-1010 Resolution Supporting the Establishment of the Gator Emergency Medical Response Unit 
2016-1009 Funding for Agricultural Economics Club 
2016-1008 Funding for IA Lead 
2016-1007 Funding for Quiz Bowl 
2016-1006 Funding for Gator Billiards 
2016-1005 Funding for Gator Chess Club 
2016-1004 Funding for IA Lead 
2016-1003 Funding for Fashion Foward 
2016-1002 Funding for Bhangra Club 
2016-1001 Resolution Commending Graduate Assistants United for Representing the Interests of Graduate Assistants and Successfully Negotiating with UF Administration 
2016-1000 Resolution Thanking First Responders 
2015-1093 Resolution Supporting College Affordability in the State of Florida 
2015-1092 Resolution Honoring Stanley Beckerdite 
2015-1091 Resolution Supporting the Installation of an Ice Dispenser in the Student Recreation & Fitness Center 
2015-1090 Funding for Gator Guard Drill Team 
2015-1089 Funding for Florida Swing Dancing 
2015-1088 Fall 2016 Reapportionment 
2015-1087 Resolution Encouraging the University of Florida Athletic Association to Allow Cultural Dance and Student Organizations to Practice in Allotted Stadium Space 
2015-1086 Resolution Honoring Fallen Gators 
2015-1085 Funding for Fine Arts College Council 
2015-1084 Funding for Pazeni Sauti Africa Choir 
2015-1083 Funding for NORML 
2015-1082 Resolution to Recognize the Continued Efforts by the University of Florida in Supporting Low-Income Students 
2015-1081 Resolution to Authorize Student Government Spring 2016 election dates
2015-1080 Resolution Urging Instructors at the University of Florida to Include U Matter, We Care Information in All Course Syllabi 
2015-1079 Funding for VISA Sub-Organization CaribSA 
2015-1078 Funding for VISA Sub-Organization Pakistani Students' Association 
2015-1077 Funding for VISA Sub-Organization Bangladeshi Students' Association 
2015-1076 Funding for VISA Sub-Organization Signing Gators 
2015-1075 Funding for VISA Suborganization Arab Students' Association 
2015-1074 A Resolution to Thank Dr. Herbert & Nicole Wertheim for their $50 million donation to the University of Florida College of Engineering 
2015-1073 Resolution Urging the State of Florida to Support Norman Hall Renovations at the University of Florida 
2015-1072 Resolution Furthering the Recognition of the University of Florida as a Land-Grant Institution 
2015-1071 A Resolution Recognizing the 50th Anniversary of Gatorade 
2015-1070 Funding for JAMSA Pageant and Travel 
2015-1069 Amendment to the Senate Rules and Procedures, Adding Email Activation as Part of Orientation 
2015-1068 Resolution on Senate Spring 2016 Reapportionment 
2015-1067 Fall 2016 Reapportionment 
2015-1066 Resolution Honoring University of Florida Performing Arts Director Michael Blachly 
2015-1065 Resolution Honoring University of Florida Associate Vice President for Business Affairs Robert W. Miller 
2015-1064 Resolution to Rename “North Lawn” into “Global Garden” 
2015-1063 Reform of 800 Codes of the Student Body Statutes 
2015-1062 Funding for Fellowship of Christian Athletes 
2015-1061 Funding for Gators Humans versus Zombies 
2015-1060 Funding for Gator Billiards 
2015-1059 Amendment to the Senate Rules and Procedures, Adding the Position of Standing Committee Clerks 
2015-1058 Resolution to Support Gainesville’s Entrepreneurial Community and to Honor its Contributors 
2015-1057 Resolution Supporting Efforts of Graduate Assistants United 
2015-1056 Resolution Congratulating the University of Florida American Society of Civil Engineers’ (ASCE) Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge Teams for Winning Two National Titles 
2015-1055 Resolution Encouraging the Exploration of Midterm Faculty Evaluations 
2015-1054 Resolution Supporting Parking Ticket Amnesty Period For Certain Parking Decal Violations During Drop-Add Week 
2015-1053 Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Activity and Service Fee Budget.pdf
2015-1052 Resolution Honoring the Victims of the Chattanooga Shooting.pdf
2015-1051 Reform of 700 Codes of the Student Body Statutes.pdf
2015-1050 Reform of 600 Codes of the Student Body Statutes.pdf
2015-1049 Reform of 500 Codes of the Student Body Statutes.pdf
2015-1048 Reform of 400 Codes of the Student Body Statutes.pdf
2015-1047 Reform of 300 Codes of the Student Body Statutes.pdf
2015-1046 Reform of 200 Codes of the Student Body Statutes.pdf
2015-1045 Reform of 100 Codes of the Student Body Statutes.pdf
2015-1044 Funding for Graduate Student Advisory Council.pdf
2015-1043 Student Body Resolution Supporting the Revision and Removal of Discriminatory State Holidays.pdf
2015-1042 Student Body Resolution Honoring the Victims of the Emanuel Nine Shooting.pdf
2015-1041 Resolution Supporting the Creation of a City of Gainesville and University of Florida Collaborative Bike Sharing Program .pdf
2015-1040 Resolution Commending the Dean of Students Office and Division of Student Affairs for the Development of a Sexual Violence Online Education Course.pdf
2015-1039 Resolution Encouraging Motorized Scooter Safety on Campus.pdf
2015-1038 Resolution Supporting the Creation of a Crosswalk at Springs Residential Complex Bus Stop.pdf
2015-1037 Resolution Congratulating Society of Women Engineers (SWE) for Receiving Student Organization of the Year.pdf
2015-1036 Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Activity & Service Fee Budget.pdf
2015-1035 Resolution Supporting the Expansion of Recycling.pdf
2015-1034 Resolution Congratulating Gator Softball as Back-to-Back National Champions.pdf
2015-1033 Funding for Fine Arts College Council Equipment.pdf
2015-1032 Resolution Recognizing May as Military Appreciation Month.pdf
2015-1031 Funding for Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) Equipment.pdf
2015-1030 Resolution Supporting the Expansion of Free Printing Across Campus.pdf
2015-1029 Resolution Opposing Guns on Campus.pdf
2015-1028 Funding for HEROES.pdf
2015-1027 Resolution Supporting the Collaboration of Student Government and the Career Resource Center for the Freshman Networking Conference.pdf
2015-1026 Resolution Encouraging the Exploration of the Renovation of the Music Building.pdf
2015-1025 Resolution Reaffirming the University of Florida Student Bodys Commitment to Equality.pdf
2015-1024 IOC Ramadan Lecture Series Bill.pdf
2015-1023 Cabinet Reorganization Act of 2015.pdf
2015-1022 Resolution supporting the creation of the Middle Eastern Studies Minor.pdf
2015-1021 2015-2016 Student Government Funded Academics Budget.pdf
2015-1020 2015-2016 Student Government Funded Organizational Budget.pdf
2015-1019 Chapter and Bylaws of the Board of College Councils.pdf
2015-1018 Chapter 300 Innovation Academy Fall Replacement.pdf
2015-1017 Resolution Discouraging Individuals from Driving Under the Influence.pdf
2015-1016 Resolution Commending the Protection of On-Campus First Amendment Rights.pdf
2015-1015 Resolution Supporting Governor Rick Scotts Education Affordability Initiatives.pdf
2015-1014 Funding for the Latino-Hispanic Organization for Graduate Students.pdf
2015-1013 Funding for Arab Students’ Association.pdf
2015-1012 Funding for Mayors Council.pdf
2015-1011 Funding for Sparks Magazine.pdf
2015-1010 Funding for Gator Bassmasters.pdf
2015-1009 Resolution Supporting the Collaboration between University of Florida’s Student Government, the Gainesville City Commission, and the North Central Florida Apartment Association.pdf
2015-1008 Funding for Fellowship of Christian Athletes.pdf
2015-1007 Funding for Students for a Democratic Society.pdf
2015-1006 Resolution Supporting the Advancement of Public Safety at the University of Florida and in the City of Gainesville.pdf
2015-1005 Funding for the National Organizations for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.pdf
2015-1004 Funding for the Gainesville Chapter of Fashion Forward Incorporated.pdf
2015-1003 Funding for the Florida Swing Dancing Club.pdf
2015-1002 Allocation of Reserves to SG Operations.pdf
2015-1001 Resolution Recognizing the University of Florida Society of Women Engineers and Engineering without Borders.pdf
2015-1000 Resolution Honoring James Bernard Machen as the Eleventh President of the University of Florida.pdf

2016-1052 Amendment to the Student Body Constitution Article III Section 6

2016-1051 Amendment to Student Body Constitution Article III Section 

Honor Code

The Student Honor Code Administration serves as the protectors of the Honor Code and help guide students through the process of academic honors proceedings. 

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How to Write Legislation

Interested in learning more about the legislation process or learning how to write your own legislation? See the documents below for more information. 

How to Write Legislation - Presented by the Judiciary Committee
Senate Bill Template Example
Senate Resolution Template