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UF Mobile Safety App By TapShield

Posted on 1:31 PM in News, Hot Topics, Events, SG Newsletter

One of the biggest priorities of this university - above research and education - is campus safety.  It is our responsibility and our duty to students and their families, as well as faculty and staff, to ensure that the University of Florida is a safe place to study, work, play and live.

Today marks a great achievement in our efforts to ensure that the University of Florida is a safe place.  After many committee meetings, interviews, sales pitches, and beta tests, the TapShield app was selected and is now ready for use on campus.  

This app pairs mobile GPS technology with existing campus safety infrastructure, and allows students to summon help anywhere on campus. TapShield is the only application that features one touch emergency alert, two-way messaging between users and dispatch, a timer option designed to provide security while walking home or going for a run, and yank technology, which signals an emergency by yanking headphones from the device.  

Students can download the TapShield app by visiting on a mobile device or searching for "TapShield" in the iOS app store or the Android Marketplace.

Senate President Cory Yeffet wrote a Letter to the Editor about TapShield that ran in today's Alligator.  Check it out HERE!

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