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UF Mobile Safety App By TapShield

Posted on 1:31 PM in News, Hot Topics, Events, SG Newsletter

Safety resources at your fingertips with new UF TapShield App

Smartphone users who download the free TapShield safety app can now report tips to the UF Police Department, make emergency calls and perform other functions that improve their personal safety and security.

With TapShield, you can:

·       View local crime happening around you no matter where you are

·       Easily send crime tips to UF Police (even anonymously) attaching pictures, audio and video

·       TapShield mobile app users can communicate during times of distress, hitting the ‘Alert’ button automatically sends real-time GPS location, caller profile information and calls UFPD simultaneously

·       Walk with an Entourage: Send your route + ETA to your friends & family so they can ensure you arrive at your destination safely.

·       Going on a run while listening to music? Yank™ feature automatically sends an Alert when headphones are pulled from the device on purpose or by force (you don't even have to touch your phone!)

Friends and family can also virtually walk an app user home. The app’s Entourage feature uses GPS-tagged monitoring to track an app user’s progress on a Web-based map. Once a user has reached his or her destination safely, the feature is automatically disabled.

The free TapShield mobile app can be downloaded to smartphones via Apple iTunesand Google Play stores.

1. visit Apple iTunes or Google Play stores
2. search for TapShield
3. download the app to your mobile device
4. select University of Florida under organizations


The TapShield mobile app does not replace 911 emergency services or any communications with local police departments.