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FLC Announces 2012-2013 Members

Posted on 7:01 AM in News, Hot Topics

Fifty-eight talented, well-rounded freshmen have been chosen to serve on the Freshman Leadership Council. This is a Student Government agency comprised of freshmen who are interested in expanding their involvement and leadership at the University of Florida. The council will present these individuals with leadership skills, the opportunity to meet influential student leaders, and to have a voice in events of the student body.

Congratulations to: 

Armani Abreu 
Gabriel Alboukrek
Aldo Araujo
Benjamin Auyang
Regan Bloss
Kathryn Bonti
Roudy Boursiquot
Kevin Chang
David Corbin
Alec Cronin
Steven Elkington
Anna Ellis
Robert Finigan
Nikail Francis
Adam Gerstenfeld
Danielle Gertner
Coleman Glass
Sherry Glover
Dannielle Green
Allison Gregory
Katherine Griffeth
Nedim Haveric
Carlos Hernaiz
Manuela Hernandez
Jonathan High
Matthew Hoeck
David Kanner
Ali Kassam
Rachael Keller
Nadia Kemal
Jacob Leuze
Rosemari Malu
Carleigh McFarlane
Jensen Mendez-Wu
Melanie Miller
Mitchell Nielsen
Samuel Nowakowski
Anmol Patel
Selina Patel
Brandon Peebles
Sharde Pettis
Gabriella Quevedo
Susel Ramos
Alexandra Rudolph
Nicole Santeiro
Benjamin Schwaller
Connor Sleeth
Taylor Stavitsky
Kathryn Taggart
Marci Vallario
Susan Webster
Alex Weiner
Hakeem White
Christopher Whitten
Edward Williams III
Rachel Wise
YanChunXiao Yin
Yashira Zavala