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Student Government Finance

About SG Finance

Learn all there is to know about Student Government Finance and how your money benefits you!

A&S Fee Video Open in a New Window

The Activity and Service Fee Budget for this year is nearly $19 million. Where does it come from? How is student government using it to enhance your student experience? All the answers are just click away!

Get Funded

Are you a new student organization? Do you have a project or travel that was not accounted for in your budget? Purchasing equipment? Get funded by Student Government! It's your money!

The Budgets

Interested in what your money funds? Here you can access all of the budgets for this fiscal year including the Big 3, student organizations, and Student Government! Also, here you can access archived financial information.

Finance Training

As a student funded organization, learn how to submit an SAR, submit a TAR, and submit a budget! Also, all budget guidelines are listed here. Help is on the way!

Transparency Report

View the activity of Student Activity Requests that have been completed and paid by Student Government Finance.

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