Executive Branch


Chairman Kevin Gerson


ACCENT Speaker's Bureau is the largest, student-run, speaker's bureau in the nation. In existence for over 30 years, ACCENT has provided the University of Florida with a plethora of big names, including past Presidents, Prime Ministers, media, business and sports legends. ACCENT strives to bring controversial and influential speakers to the university, with the intent of further educating the student body, outside of the classroom, on current hot topics and controversies. ACCENT sponsors many of its own shows, but also cosponsors with many student groups. ACCENT typically sponsors a show a month, but this is usually the bare minimum! Furthermore, this position will be responsible for administering the “Let Students Choose” program and following through with the results of the survey.  Applicants should have experience working with agencies and speakers, reserving facilities on campus, and overseeing a large staff and substantial budget. Learn more.

Chairwoman Elle Beecher


Action SG serves students by providing transparency and accountability to Student Government. Like its predecessor IMAGE, Action SG is intended to publicize the activities, services, and events of Student Government at the University of Florida. Action SG aims to do this by bringing Student Government into the modern era by engaging students using social media, promotional items, on-campus marketing, and research. Action SG also is in charge of updating the Student Government website and blog, generating audio, photo, and video content (including Student Senate meetings,) and generating designs and advertisements for Student Government and its subsidiary organizations.

Director Austin Young


Chomp the Vote is a program of Student Government whose purpose is to provide the students of the University of Florida with the opportunities to register or update their voter information, educate students about political issues, and provide conducive measures to encourage students to vote.  All of these duties must be performed in a non-partisan and legal way as defined by the State of Florida Statutes.  The Executive Director shall make a good faith effort to work with the ideals and goals of the Alachua County Supervisor of Elections and shall make every effort to keep the aforementioned body informed of its activities. The Chomp the Vote Executive Director shall make oral and written reports to the Student Senate at least twice a semester regarding its registration, education, and mobilization efforts. The Chomp the Vote Executive Director shall make a good faith effort to include all partisan and candidate groups on campus in a fashion that will promote non-partisan registration, education and mobilization.

Supervisor of Elections Erica Baker


Supervisor of Elections officiates and oversees one of the Country's largest student-run elections. Charged with the task of ensuring the integrity of the election, the Supervisor and his/her assistants make certain that the University of Florida is governed by a moralistic and efficient democratic election system. Non-partisan in all practices, the office of Elections holds no bias towards any one group, party, organization or individual. Elections are held twice per year: once in fall and spring.

Director Matthew Hoeck


External Affairs Director is charged with representing student opinions and views on key legislative priorities at the local, state, and federal level. These issues are identified and tracked on a daily basis to protect and provide a vital student voice in higher education issues. At the local level, this position ensures student representation downtown on city boards and committees. Much of the state lobby focus is placed on tuition, financial aid, and credit hour issues. Each year, External Affairs Ageny sets legislative priorities before the Legislature begins session in the spring. Federally, External Affairs Agency represents students on federal financial aid issues, specifically advocating for increases in the most popular form of federal aid, the Pell Grant.

Chairman Ali Kassam


The Freshman Leadership Council is a student government agency that helps freshmen become better acquainted with the University of Florida, student government, and the Gainesville community. FLC is comprised of an exciting and diverse group of about 50 select freshmen. These freshmen leaders are passionate, committed, and desire to truly make a difference. Council members gain experience in the areas of event planning, community service, networking, teamwork, and student government relations. Applications will be available in the beginning of Fall.

Chairman David Nassau


Gator Innovators is a new Student Government Agency here at the University of Florida that was created with the idea that we, as students, can collaborate to foster the startup, innovation and entrepreneurship communities here in Gainesville. We have many facets to help students out by saving them money, providing them the resources to create and start a business, connecting students to internships, hosting startup competitions and many more exciting programs. We believe that students here at the University of Florida should collaborate amongst each and other and amongst our peers at other Universities around the nation.

Director Dakota Woll


Gators Going Green is responsible for advocating sustainability issues and programming across campus.  Gators Going Green is charged with the implementation of motion sensitive lighting in residence hallways and common areas in order to promote smart, efficient and sustainable energy consumption.  Gators Going Green also acts as a liaison to the UF Office of Sustainability and any other causes as the Student Body President sees fit. Learn more.


Director Geeta Iyer


The Honor Court was established in 1914 as part of the Student Government Judicial Branch to promote fairness and honesty among the student body.  In 2009, the Honor Court was reorganized under the direction of the University of Florida Board of Trustees and Student Government.  The task of hearing cases of academic dishonesty was delegated to the Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution Committee under the supervision of the Dean of Students. The position of Honor Code Chancellor is simply stated in one phrase: To promote and maintain the honesty and integrity of the student body. The Chancellor acts as the primary student body guardian of the Student Honor Code. As such, the Chancellor oversees and promotes the honest and ethical behavior on which the University of Florida's Student Honor Code is based. The Chancellor also provides education, training, and awareness for the student body on Honor Code issues. Additionally, the Chancellor plays a major role in the enforcement of the Student Conduct Code by assisting in the selection of the student and faculty members of the student conduct committee, as well as the training of the student members. The Chancellor serves many functions, but should be seen, first and foremost, as a resource for the student body.

Director Thomas Burt


Nightlife Navigators is a Student Government agency dedicated to the promotion of safety on the University of Florida campus and surrounding Gainesville area. From the UF Mobile Safety App, to informing students about safe nighttime transportation options, and coordinating with the University of Florida Police Department, Nightlife Navigators constantly strives to improve safety and awareness for the students at the University of Florida. This director shall serve at the discretion of the Student Body President and Executive Committee to partner with the Gainesville community and businesses to provide solutions to keep students safe.

Chairman Bobby Finigan

Comptroller Dillon Knox


SGP (Student Government Productions) is an agency of the University of Florida Student Government, whose mission is to provide a diverse array of popular entertainment to students at a free or reduced cost. Performer selection is based on the concert dates, which are determined using the academic calendar and scheduling around other student events. SGP looks for available, popular performers for the specific date which are within the organization’s spending limit. SGP strives to provide a diverse amount of entertainment on a regular basis. In the upcoming year, SGP will attempt to provide at least one concert each month. Furthermore, this position will be responsible for administering the “Let Students Choose” program and following through with the results of the survey.  Applicant should have experience working with agencies and speakers, reserving facilities on campus, and overseeing a large staff and substantial budget.Learn more.



Chairman Jennifer Thelusma

Students Taking Action Against Racism is an agency of Student Government dedicated to the improvement of race relations on the University of Florida campus. STAAR recognizes the existence of racial inequality within society and attempts to combat it through the spread of education and empathy. The vision of STAAR is strongly based on the importance of building relationships and subsequently growing to understand the perspective of fellow students. Using events and campus based initiatives, STAAR acts as a means for all students to learn about the effects of racism and become directly involved in standing against it.

Director Taylor Stavitsky


Young Leaders Conference is a program is a leadership conference run entirely by college students for high school students.  Each year, schools are invited to select two females and two males to send to the conference at which they will participate in extensive leadership development.  Interactive workshops and seminars are planned to allow the participants to improve their leadership theory and experiences.  In addition to presentations by various UF students and administrators, students will have to opportunity to engage in several teambuilding and learning activities designed to challenge each student’s leadership skills.

Learn more.

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