Allocations Committee Special Request Form


You are on your way to being Student Government funded! Please read the following steps to understand more of the rules and regulations with SG Finance and being an SG Funded Organization. For more information you can download the Special Request Guide.



·        Student Government has an anti-discrimination clause in its constitution that reads as follows:

Article II Section 4 Discrimination prohibited - Student government shall not discriminate on the bases of race, ethnicity, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, national origin, age, religion, disability, or any other classification as provided by law..

·        Your organization must adhere to this article.



·        The State of Florida Statutes forbids students being charged for any activity financed by Activity and Service Fees.  

Specifically, FL Statutes Title XLVIII Chapter 1009.24(10)(b) reads as follows:

The student activity and service fees shall be expended for lawful purposes to benefit the student body in general. This shall include, but shall not be limited to, student publications and grants to duly recognized student organizations, the membership of which is open to all students at the university without regard to race, sex, or religion. The fund may not benefit activities for which an admission fee is charged to students, except for student-government-association-sponsored concerts.

·        Statutes from the State of Florida specify that student groups may not charge members for any activity associated with the group if it is funded by SG. SG Funded organizations may never charge dues.

·        Your group must be in full compliance with the above regulations or your request for funding will not be successful. 



·        The following provisions are included in the 800 codes and apply to your request. For more information on the 800 codes, you may view them here (PDF).

·        The most important 800 code pertaining to you is 810.20. It states the following

810.20 In order for an organization to receive funds the following guidelines must be followed:

A.  The organization must be officially registered with the Department for Student Activities and Involvement.
B.  Organizations must re-register each year with the Department for Student Activities and Involvement to complete eligibility requirements.
C.  Organizations must allow EIGHT WEEKS before receiving funds from the Special Request process.
D.  All signature authorities receiving Student Government funds must complete the annual Finance Training.  Violations of this rule will result in organizational funds being frozen until the organization comes into compliance.
E.   Student organizations may not charge membership fees. 
F.   A new organization may not apply for funding until they have been registered with the Department for Student Activities and Involvement and in existence for at least one (1) academic year [Fall and Spring semester].
G.  Organizations must have twenty (20) active members in order to receive SG funding.  Groups may be required to provide verification by means of a separate list of member UFID’s and their email addresses.  It is at the discretion of the Student Government Finance Office to contact the active members shown on the list by email to verify membership status.  A report shall be given to the Allocations Committee stating confirmation of twenty UF students having affirmatively responding that they are active members of the group. 
H.  New student organizations will not receive funding for travel until they have been placed on the regular budget cycle.
I. New organizations must receive their first funding from Allocations Committee.  They must remain under Allocations for a minimum of one (1) academic year [a Fall and a Spring semester in any order, but must be consecutive]. 



·        T-shirts, postage, awards, or lobbying. This can be found in code 808.12.

·        If you are a new student organization seeking funding for the first time or if you are not on the budget cycle you cannot seek funding for travel. 


As you continue on with the funding request process, please bear in mind that we are here to help your group succeed, but that success has to be accomplished within the rules, regulations and stated policies of the State of Florida , University of Florida and UF Student Government.

And now if you are ready to begin, signify your understanding of the above information by clicking the button below and